The Gospels Pt 16

Sep 14, 2021    Carmellia Chavers

Hello! Hello! Thank you for listening to my podcasts. This week I am on The Gospels: Part 16. I have to start reading at Luke 11 because I skipped over it last time. This is the chapter were Jesus teaches the disciples to pray. Isn’t it strange that the disciples ask him that question? But as we know, throughout the Gospels, Jesus would go away to pray. Mostly at the end of the day. Also in this chapter, the Pharisees and scribes are trying to find ways to catch him breaking the law. And in Mark 12, Jesus has words with the religious leaders. They question Him about paying taxes, about the Resurrection and the Greatest Commandment. Jesus also tells the disciples about the widow and her 2 mites. Read along or just listen. Share with a friend. Be well and be blessed.