About KCWG

Who We Are

KCWG The Truth is the best internet radio on the planet!
Founded in love and the strong foundation of the Word of God, KCWG is the Christian radio broadcasting network committed to serving it's community through relevant evangelical engagement and witnessing the gospel of Jesus Christ to listeners around the world through innovative means.

What We Do

Keep Covenant With God provides Christian ministries with an affordable and accessible platform to reach listeners who are provided with encouragement and empowerment through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What's Different

Unlike most radio stations that present talk shows cut from a particular culture, style, and format, KCWG (Keeping Covenant With God) The Truth Radio presents fresh content from cutting-edge to conservative so listeners all around the world can find shows, music, and features that resonates with them.
Listen to KCWGTHETRUTH.COM; Be Inspired and uplifted 24/7; Call in and be a part of controversial and humorous talk show discussions, talk to fascinating guests, or request to hear your favorite Gospel/Inspirational Song.

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