They Put A Hit On Them Pt2

Mar 1, 2022    Carmellia Chavers

Hello! Thank you for choosing to listen to my show. This story is part of a series, “They Put A Hit On Them!” In Genesis, I started with Moses and how Pharaoh tried to take him out as a baby. Then I told you about how Joseph was sold into slavery at the age of 17 and taken to Egypt, thrown into prison, eventually he interrupted the Pharaoh’s dreams and ended up being The Lord of the Land. He saved Egypt and his family during a 7 year famine. Now, I move to 1 Samuel where we learn about David, who was chosen by God to be His king. King Saul tried to killed him after the people admired David more than they did Saul. Thank you so much for listening. Be well. Be bless.