They Put A Hit On Them

Jan 4, 2022    Carmellia Chavers

Happy New Year! Instead of being resolution oriented for the new year, be goal oriented. Make small goals, short term and big goals, long range. Write them down then check them off as you complete each one. Very satisfying. The title for this reading is, “They Put a Hit on Them”, is how the stories of the powers that be, plotted to kill or to get rid of leaders that God willed to rescue His people. First we are going to read about Joseph in Genesis 37:1-33, Gen. 37:36. Gen. 41:34-44. Then we will read about Moses in Exodus 1:5-10. Ex. 2:11-15. Then Ex. 3:1-10. It is so interesting how there were so many attempts to stop, slow down or wipeout the people of Israel. God used the evil that was put against them for the good of His people. A very interesting perspective. Enjoy.