Apr 21, 2024    Robert Scott Jr.

Robert Scott, the esteemed host of the Faithful Word Broadcast, has been a dedicated figure on KCWG for over a decade. With his unwavering commitment to preaching and teaching the word of God, he has touched the lives of people across the globe.

Not only is Robert Scott a gifted broadcaster, but he is also a multi-talented individual. As a songwriter, singer, and author, he has been able to express his deep faith and love for God through various mediums. His music and written works have resonated with countless individuals, offering solace and inspiration in their spiritual journeys.

In addition to his creative endeavors, Robert Scott is a dedicated producer, ensuring that the Faithfull Word Broadcast continues to be a platform for sharing the message of God's love and grace. His attention to detail and passion for excellence is evident in every episode, creating a program that is both engaging and impactful.