We're Still Standing

Feb 23, 2021    Elder Ward

1990, Pastor Harris graduated from the International Seminary located in Orlando, FL. Pastoral capacity was not instantaneous, but by Divine Direction!

At age 6, he was baptized in JESUS’ name and was filled with the Holy Ghost at 7 years of age. It was all by grace, but still by Divine Anointment & Appointment. He went to and through the novitiate training under well-qualified and credentialed Holy Ghost ministries. He served approximately 15 years as a local Youth President, six years as Ohio State Youth President, three years as National Youth Evangelist, and also served as National Young People’s President.

Pastoral Counseling and Life Directive extends to the high school, middle school, and elementary schools.

Pastor Harris’ focus by Divine Commission is to reach the whole man; Body, Soul, and Spirit!

Communicating the gospel of JESUS to both the in-reach and out-reach… He is also a Best-Selling Author with his first book, “The Celestial Advantage.”

Special Honor to Karen Harris, Our First Lady.