May 18, 2024    DR. EDWINA HARRIS

Dr. Edwina Harris, the esteemed host of "The Flow Experience" on KCWG, is not only a pastor but also a dedicated advocate for Jesus Christ. With her deep passion for preaching and teaching, she has touched the hearts of countless individuals, particularly women and young people.

Dr. Edwina Harris possesses a remarkable ability to connect with her audience through her compassionate and relatable approach. Her genuine love for people, especially women and young ladies, shines through in every sermon and teaching she delivers. Whether it is addressing specific challenges they face or inspiring them to embrace their true identity, Dr. Harris's messages are filled with encouragement, hope, and empowerment.

As a pastor, Dr. Edwina Harris has a profound understanding of the spiritual needs of her congregation. Her teachings are grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ and are focused on guiding individuals towards a deeper relationship with God. Her commitment to sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ is evident in her words and actions, as she strives to make a positive impact on the lives of those she ministers to.